Top 7 Movie Apps For Android Smartphones [ Free Android apps to Stream Online Movies ]

Top 7 movie apps for smartphones

Smartphones are just a great way to get things done from personal to professional. Smartphones these days aren’t just phones but a great entertainment device too.

Gone are those days where you have to switch on television devices just to watch movies and listen to music. These days you can stream music and video’s online.

This article is just for entertainment geeks who want to watch movies online without stepping out of the comfort zone of your couch. Here’s a list of top 7 must movie apps for smartphones. There are some other apps available, but they don’t have updated library.

7 Movie Apps For Android Smartphones to Stream Online


showbox movie app

It’s one of the most popular and discussed entertainment app. online movies and TV serials are worth watching using this app. Most of the services can be accessed for free in the app. The only bottleneck with this app is it isn’t available neither on Google play store nor Apple’s app store. To compensate this, show box allows you to download videos and watch them later in offline mode.
Cinema box:

cinema box movie apps

Cinema box is also an entertainment app to be downloaded if you have an Android smartphone. Due to its updated library and HD quality video’s this app had created enough buzz in entertainment industry. On the contrary side, Apple/iOS users are not privileged to have Cinema box. If you wish to watch Cinema box movies on PC, you can download this app using Blue-stacks android emulator.

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Newest movies HD:

Either you are a marvel /DC comic fan or regular watcher of comic serials and movies this app should in in your wish list or have it installed in on your smartphone. This is a movie app that provides it’s services completely free. A neat user interface will make you visit frequently to this app.


viewster app

Viewster is one of the most popular movie app. Movies and TV serials are viewed on a large scale on the app. To browse for the content, type-in the name and hit enter. Search results can be narrowed by using filters like languages, genres, year of release and many more. Unlike other apps, this provides suggestions of movies according to actors in the movie.

Tubi TV:

tubi tv app
Not much will differ in App from desktop to mobile version. Some fine adjustments were made to tune the app to mobile compatible. Whenever a movie is selected it provides you the complete description from cast and crew to IMDB  and rotten tomato rating.

Mobile app is available across multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, roku, amazon fire TV, Nvidia TV, Xbox and is almost compatible with any device.


 popcorn time app

Another great source of entertainment free app is popcorn-time. Frequently updated library and TV shows with outstanding quality is what popcorn time stands for. This free entertainment app is available on iOS and android. When you want to watch a movie now and later, this app seamlessly downloads movie on your device while streaming at the same time. Desktop version is also available for pop-corn time. The cool feature of this app is that when you plan to watch on desktop it provides a remote control via smartphone.


yidio app

The reason for mentioning the app in the last is that its available on Android for fewer devices only. Watching movies for free with Yidio is simple as most of the navigation work is done by menu pane on the left side. If you couldn’t find the movie in Yidio, there’s an option to request movie. If updated the team will inform you the same via push notification.  The only drawback is you have to rent/ pay for newly added movies.

Lets wrap this up.Smartphones are undoubtedly a great means of entertainment. Among all the uses of smartphones, entertainment is what everyone craves for. This was the list of top 7 entertainment apps that are completely free for smartphones for the year 2016.

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