7 Free MP3 Download Sites 2018 [ Music Download Websites to Look at ]

With increasing use of Internet, watching movies and listening songs online  has become a common trend. While watching movies in offline mode requires a great deal of purchases from owners, offline music has no such privileges.

There are a lot of free mp3 download sites to save music offline. A numerous ads and pop-ups on their websites causes it near to impossible to download mp3 songs for free. If you are running low on your Internet speeds or you want to listen to your favorite tune over and over saving offline can get you out of the clutches of Internet problems.Here is the list of best music download apps for android phone ,which you can rely on.

There are a lot of free mp3 download sites to save music offline these days. If you find it difficult to select a particular site to download songs from, we are providing a list of best and top free mp3 download sites. This list has sites that provide mp3 songs of high quality for free. No need to signup or anything.

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Free Mp3 Audio Download Sites 2018 without Registration


Mp3Skull is one of the best mp3 download sites and a great site to listen to music online. You can search for a song by various parameters like artist name, song name and even genre. And the search results return songs in the format that you have searched. Mp3Skull takes user comfort with utmost priority. You can access Mp3Skull from Google chrome browser with an extension. The website is built on top of user experience which means the overall interface remains same even accessed from different devices.


Songspk needs no introduction as it has largest fan base in India and known exclusively for offering mp3 songs for free. This has become popular for updating its database frequently with latest Bollywood releases and keeping track of old melodies too. However the mp3 download quality is pretty decent the page takes time to load as it has many unresponsive ads in it. A decent ad-blocker can suffice this problem. You can search songs, browse lyrics on SongsPk.link. Mostly the site has huge collection of Indian songs. On the other side you can download pop-songs too.


DJmaza is a one stop site for entertainment. Alongside from downloading mp3 sings for free, you can access and download pc videos, wallpapers and mobile ringtones. If you are looking for lyrics, then you are at right spot. The site has a spot dedicated for WWE fans where you can download entrance songs of your favorite WWE superstar.


Don’t get wrong by the website’s name that you should pay to download mp3 songs. This website is a paradise for music lovers. NoiseTrade had thousands of albums that are absolutely free to listen and download. To control spam and prevent mp3 content quality from distortion, you’ll have to enter mail id and Zip code where a code is sent to your mail to download high quality mp3 content for free. The download folder comes in Zip format. You can unzip to extract the contents.


Keeping the look and feel of the website aside, the content the website sports is really upto the mark to compete with the latest trends. FreeMusicArchive website is hosted by freedom radio station WFMU. The music from the website are absolutely free to download and use them legally. The best way to search for songs is by searching for a particular genre. There is an option to create an account for free and it has some advantages too. You can group your favorite songs into a playlist and share it with fellow users.


Soundcloud is a reputed music platform that dominates most of the music domain. Most of the users use it to listen high quality music online. It’s an unknown fact that music can be downloaded from Soundcloud by liking their facebook page. Soundcloud encourages creativity by allowing users to share their artistic work with Soundcloud. Users can maintain their own channel too and showcase their talent. There are third party song downloaders for soundcloud. All you have to do is paste in the link or URL of the file.


Simple yet powerful website that provides the best quality mp3 songs for free. Also you don’t need an account to access its premium features. Its easy, fast and reliable to use. An entire album can be downloaded at once by providing the artist name and genre type.


Lets wrap this up. There are tons of websites that allow you to download mp3 music for free. But the above list of best and top websites are so exclusive because of the content they keep and how frequently they update.

About Netflix? Best 10 Netflix Alternatives to Look at For Online Media Streaming [ Android Phones & IOS Devices]

At this time, “Netflix” is beginning to seem to be a general word for “streaming video.” They’ve secured the highest spot within the trade with a solid mixture of TV, movies and original content at a good worth. with reference to any device with a screen and an internet connection supports it, too. However there are more than a few aggressive upstarts within the video business, and these Netflix alternatives distinguish themselves in some fascinating ways.

Here we tend to spotlight seven alternatives to Netflix and tell you why they’re price your time and money. Some work on a subscription model, some are ad-supported, however, all of them deliver high-quality streaming video to your thirsty eyeballs.

NetFlix Alternatives 2018

1) Hulu Plus:

Hulu Plus is the great way to go with the newest show episodes and it brings the Hulu viewing experience to all or any of your devices. Rather than simply watching your favorite shows on your laptop, you can watch them on basically any device when you just sign up for Hulu Plus. This is the perfect service for anyone who needs to stay with their favorite television shows from ABC, FOX and other.

Hulu Plus

2) You tube:

YouTube Movies are not mostly robust online streaming service available on the Internet connection right now, however, the fact is that there are a lot of movies to watch on this service. Most of the people are familiar with the YouTube works, and therefore the good news is that YouTube Movies works during a similar manner. An added perk of this service is that you just additionally get to watch all of them want you to want.


3) Google Play:

Google Play is associate across the broad media service providing music, apps, and video. It operates through cloud services, providing all of this content to the  Android-enabled devices and PC-based Google services. Google Play Movies & TV operates mostly as a streaming service, with the choice to buy and download permanent copies from their catalog.

4)  iTunes:

iTunes is a unique service when it comes to streaming movies and television shows online as a result it will provide you to purchase everything individually rather than paying a monthly fee. This simply means that you only pay for the things that you actually need to watch during the month. Some people notice that this to be rather useful.


5) Amazon Instant Video:

Amazon is actually finding the pace where it comes to video streaming—their original content is obtaining more recognition for being high-quality, they’re obtaining a lot of the shows and movies that people want to watch, which has a lot of its benefits.It’s going to have some worldwide exclusives that may bring new viewers. Amazon is a good way to go for viewers who want quick access to the newest movies available.

6) Vudu:

Vudu is a reliable media delivery technology that streams full-length content to your television or mobile device. Vudu has become more popular in the last few years because the quantity of content it offers has grown to accommodate a wider form of viewers. No matter what you are looking for, whether it may be movies, TV series, or more, you can find it all.


7) Epix:

EPIX brings the massive movies straight to you wherever you are, whenever you want.  EPIX is an all-in-one service meets the most discerning movie fan’s need to watch from all over. For those who can’t wait to watch, with EPIX, you able to stream the recent movies from the biggest studios.

8) Crackle:

Crackle is a good movie streaming alternative for people that don’t mind having a limited selection of movies without having to purchase for the streaming service. The users can create Crackle accounts to form and edit their playlists as well as favorites. This offers users a level of customization of their experience for a free service.

9) Blockbuster:

Blockbuster had locations in thousands of cities around the US. Recently the company determined to take another stab at providing streaming movies to the audience and has launched a service.

10) BoxTV :

If you’re looking for Indian-made films, BoxTV is best one. With provides the movies in 9 languages including Hindi, Kannada, and Urdu, the service offers many movies that will appeal to Indian audiences, no matter wherever they live; BoxTV is available in India, Singapore, UK, and the US.



MovieBox Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices to Watch Free HD Movies

Moviebox is an app that runs on multiple platforms like Android and iOS and offers unlimited and free movies to watch online.  As the name sums it up, it is an app that has lots and lots of movies to offer.  Unfortunately, the app is not available officially for download in any of the android or apple stores.  Users need to download the application from its dedicated website.  The app runs with and without jailbreak on few iOS devices.  The user has a simple UI and offers best quality movies to its iOS users.

If you are wondering if there are any alternatives for this app, then you can get a sight of few from our page.  The best Moviebox alternatives 2018 for Android and iOS are listed below.

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Best Moviebox Alternatives 2018

For the movie lovers, there are many apps to download the Songs, movies, videos songs, TV shows for free at high quality.  These online streaming apps are one of the best ways to catch newest movies and current running TV shows online for free just at the cost of data.  Here are the best alternatives 2018 for Moviebox app.


Showbox is one of the best movie streaming apps in online.  It is the best alternative we can take the name of after Moviebox.  It offers huge genres of movies, music videos, TV shows, serials etc at high quality for free of cost.  The app however is not available in Google Play Store for download.
Download Showbox App for Android

Movie HD

Movie HD is another best alternative to Moviebox app.  Movie HD, as the name says is an HD movie streaming app.  It is a free app that streams unlimited movies, TV shows, cartoon shows etc at HD quality.  Other than streaming, the app also allows the user to Blue Ray HD videos too.  The app can also be run on IOD.

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PlayBox HD

If you are looking for the newest alternative to MovieBox then PlayBox HD is the right one for you.  This app can be streamed through chrome cast like other movie apps.  It is a free app and is available for download in online.  The app has a huge range of movies and they stream in HD quality.  This app has almost similar features like MovieBox app.

Movie Tube

Movie Tube is one of the most popular movies streaming apps in online.  It is used by wide range of movie lovers all over the world.  It is loaded with many interesting features and is a free app.  It offers movies in 18 different languages.  To use the app, there is no need for the registration.


TubiTV is also best alternative to MovieBox app.  It has similar features as that of MovieBox app and is considered as one of the best alternatives to it.  It is a free app and supports chrome cast.  It syncs with multiple devices and streams movies, TV shows etc without any limits.  With the help of genres, users can search for the movies and favorite TV shows.

These are the best Moviebox alternatives of 2018