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Monday, 27 June 2016

Toddler got head stuck in toilet seat and dad had to free her with a saw.

A two-year-old girl has been left traumatised after getting her head stuck in a toilet training seat.
Melissa Askew, from Birmingham, claims it took more than half an hour to get the seat off daughter Tayla Bate’s head after the toddler became stuck inside it.

The 31-year-old alleges Tayla was left distraught and suffered grazes when the Aldi training seat got stuck as she put it on her head while playing with it.

And after numerous unsuccessful attempts to pull the seat off, Tayla’s dad Niki Bate, 35, was forced to saw the plastic structure off his daughter’s head.

Mum-of-two Melissa, who also has a five-year-old son, Reece Bate, said: “Tayla’s a little clown and she’s always making us laugh so when I first saw it on her head I wasn’t worried - I knew she was just playing.

Tayla Bate 
“When I started to pull it off I noticed how tight it actually was and that it wouldn’t move past her ears, which it was grazing.
“She was so scared and was crying uncontrollably when she noticed we couldn’t move it - it really traumatised her.
“We had no option but to saw it off. It was awful and I was just trying to distract her the whole time by showing her videos on my phone. It was horrible.”

Melissa bought the Aldi training seat from her local New Coventry Road Aldi branch in Birmingham for £3.99 and said Tayla had been using it for about a month with no previous issues.

But the incident on Sunday night happened when Melissa had bathed Tayla and left her in the bathroom while she quickly went to get clean pyjamas for the tot.
When she returned, she noticed Tayla playing with the seat and putting it on her head but thought nothing of it at first as she assumed it would come off.

  Melissa Askew and her daughter, Tayla Bate
But after a few minutes when Melissa tried to pull the seat off Tayla’s head, it wouldn’t move past her ears and scratched them in the process.

Melissa said Tayla became very upset and began crying uncontrollably when she realised the seat would not budge.
So the stay-at-home mum was forced to ask Niki, an escalator engineer, to use a saw to cut her free.
And Melissa said as soon as the training seat was cut off Tayla’s head, allegedly leaving her with grazes, all the tot could say was “thank you daddy”.

Melissa said: “I think it’s something that really traumatised her to be honest, even the next day she was still thanking her dad for what he’d done. She was so relieved to be cut free from it.

Melissa Askew and her daughter, Tayla Bate
“It was just so easy for her to get it over her head that it was shocking that it wouldn’t come off the same way.

"I’m just thankful it wasn’t too tight around her neck.”
An Aldi spokesman said: “This product is an industry standard sized training seat and comes with clear instructions for use which include for children to be accompanied at all times, and for the seat never to be used as a toy.

“We were sorry to hear about this incident, and as a gesture of goodwill have offered the Askew family a full refund.”

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